Wine Tastings, Butter Bells, Santa Barbara and a 1966 Port

Wine Tastings

Are you thinking about hosting a wine event this holiday season? Now is the time to set dates and check the schedule. Lots of opportunity to taste new wines with new and old friends. I will do my best to make your event special, I promise. Let’s talk about your event. Contact me now!
Here are some Event Photos:

IMG-20141005-01205  You could have a huge line-up like this:DSC02725 Or a more focused tasting, like this all-Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon tasting.


This is a Butter Bell.

BUTTER. BELL. I admit, I scoffed. Now I cannot imagine a sane life without one. I used to be a cold, hard, butter-in-the-fridge kind of guy. Ripper of innumerable bread pieces. Now I drink tea and listen to jazz, all while spreading delicious, room -temperature butter on my scones or croissant of choice. DSC02718Here’s how it works: The butter sits in the bell, which is set upside-down into the holding dish, which has a layer of water in it. Science takes over, the butter and the water do not mix. And your butter is soft and [most importantly] fragrance-free. No more onion, garlic, jam or fridge flavors in your butter. All I can say is wow. Pass the bread please.


This is a beautiful Santa Barbara building on Chapala St. I just thought it looked so perfect for Dias de la Muerte. So I took some random photos.DSC02745 DSC02744DSC02749 DSC02748

And Santa Barbara Wines…

I don’t wanna seem like a Central Coast homer, but I am going to continue to buy these same Santa Barbara wines until I can’t anymore. Always wonderful, complete wines that stimulate conversation. I know the Aligote is probably done. I left them with one lone bottle. As for Jaffurs, the 2013 Bien Nacido Viognier is a new release of an old favorite. It stills hits all the right notes, with lovely white flowers and honey-suckle on the nose. A WineJerk favorite. Look for it in a tasting near you!DSC02753 DSC02752 DSC02751

Wine of The Week!
1966 Taylor’s Vintage Port

An amazing bottle. Superb color for a wine of this age. Nose of crushed, dried violets with slight baking spice. The taste was full, mouth-filling and the finish was clean and had balanced sugar levels. Very nice. Thank you TC. [Sorry for the fuzzy pic. My bad, WJ]