Wine Tasting Events

Let’s talk about personalized wine events. The Wine Jerk makes it easy to conduct wine events at your home or office. We make you look good! Go to the contact page and start the conversation.

Here’s how it works:

1) You contact Wine Jerk and we talk about your wine preferences.
2) We put together a line-up of wines that is right for you.
3) We bring glasses, notes, wine and cheese.

Cost of wine is NOT included in all prices.

Cheese and hors d’oeuvres arrangements can always be made.
All events are for up to 12 people.
Larger event? Wedding? Birthday Gift?
—Contact me: Info@TheWineJerk—

Following are some of the services that I offer:

Introduction to Wine [recommended for beginners]

This is an hour-long tasting, designed to help you learn more about the basics of the wine world. We will taste 4-5 wines [about ten minutes per], then have a Q&A session , where I will answer any and all questions you may have. My goal is to make you feel comfortable around wine. This tasting makes a perfect gift for the novice wine lover in your life!
Price : $200 [includes wine and nibbles] Time : 60-90 minutes

Learn more about… [recommended for intermediate wine tasters]

This tasting is to get you to the next level. You know a little about the basics, but you want more knowledge. This class will help you learn more about specific grapes [e.g. Pinot Noir], wine-producing areas [e.g. Bordeaux], styles [e.g.Old World vs. New World] and different vintages. Wine Jerk will print notes for you and your attendees.
Price : $150 [does NOT include wine or nibbles] Time : 60-80 minutes


Contrast and Compare [recommended for intermediate wine tasters]

Do you know the difference between Shiraz and Syrah? What about Petite Sirah? After this class, you will be familiar with the inherent differences and similarities of wine-producing grapes [Vitis Vinifera for the wine nerds]. Knowledge is the key, and this class is packed with it.
Price : $150 [does NOT include wine and nibbles]     Time :  60-80 minutes

Wine Theme Parties

This is what the Wine Jerk does best. This class is open to all levels of wine tasters. An unorthodox, fun, informative evening filled with wine and knowledge, among other things. Beginners and advanced wine snobs will enjoy this event. Contact me and we can put together a tasting that meets your needs.
Price : $300 [includes wine and nibbles]   Time : About 90 minutes

These are some examples:

Wine and Cheese [Pretty straight-forward – except we pair the cheese with the wine]

Wine and Comedy [I promise you, the wine is always better than my jokes]

Wine and The History of Wine [Usually focusing on one region/area]

Wine and History [Simply fascinating]

Wine and Chess [The Wine Jerk plays chess against multiple people while talking wine]

Wine and Hip Hop [Classic albums and cuts that you may have missed.]

Wine and You [A personalized tasting]

Wine and Gumbo [I just threw this in for fun. The gumbo is spicy!]