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“Christopher is perceptive and attentive.
His knowledge and quick wit keeps me coming back.”



“Well, the first thing I’ll say is this: He’s not actually a jerk.
I thought the name ‘Wine Jerk’ wasn’t a good choice, but it really has grown on me.”



“Christopher’s tastings are interactive and fun. A Wine Jerk event is time and money well spent. I would recommend him to anyone.”



“Anything but a Jerk, Christopher is a complete joy to work with.  His knowledge of Wine and spirits is vast and he offers it without being pretentious.  His love for the craft of tasting is infectious and I would want him at any social gathering, working and/or as my guest.”



“From conception to implementation, The Wine Jerk puts his host at ease.”



“I’ve enjoyed many tastings with the Wine Jerk over the past five years, each a whole new and different experience. Christopher remains current and on point.”

“Music. Wine. Cheese. Conversation. Glasses. Notes. He literally brought everything we needed. I am really looking forward to his next event.”



“An experience like no other; every event, tasting offers something new.”



“He has helped me learn about wine.
I mean, he’s funny, but he really knows his stuff”



“The music & wine tastings are absolutely fascinating.
I learned more than I thought I would during a wine tasting.”



“I don’t know how Christopher keeps all of that wine knowledge in there. He is a handsome, wonderful man. I am so proud of him.” [thanks, mom]



“He is a Hip-Hop-ologist.”



“The Wine Jerk never disappoints!”



“He’s like a really cool math teacher. Very fun, but his jokes can be corny.
Seriously though, I learned a lot.”

The Three Stooges with Drinks