September 2014

So, this week I took a little trip to Hollywood. A couple trips, actually. I usually stop into K&L [1400 Vine St, Hollywood, CA 90028] and pick up some goodies. Their selection of half-bottles is outstanding. Always fun and delicious wines. This week I picked up a few Rex Hill Pinot Noir 375ml. Also, they have a huge selection of world-class wines and spirits. Definitely a Wine Jerk favorite.


A couple of blocks down Sunset Boulevard is AMOEBA MUSIC, one of the best reasons to live in LA. Any Album, CD, poster or band sticker you want, I am pretty sure they have it. Plan on spending a while in here. Plenty of parking and be prepared to check your bag at the front door.DSC02669

Lots of parking!DSC02668Across the street is the CNN Building. Great murals on the parking garages next door.



Heirloom Tomatoes are always so fun. Friend of The Wine Jerk GB grows a lot of tomatoes. I mean, a whole lot. I just love this picture. All the hard work and commitment that goes into growing these little guys. Great effect on this photo from an unknown app. [I’ll tell you when I know!]


Actual Wine News

Milbrandt Vineyards are a family-owned and operated winery in Washington State. They produce some wonderful wines. Viognier and Merlot are particularly special to me. I ran into Kelly Milbrandt at a Industry Tasting a few months ago. I snapped a couple of quick photos and tasted some wonderful wines. Good stuff! Order direct from their website []IMG-20140520-00989 IMG-20140520-00990

The other wine that I am loving right now is Robert Craig Affinity 2011. A Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley this wine is almost perfect. Lush, ripe fruit flavor bursting from the nose. A velvety mouth-feel that is superb. And a finish of cool eucalyptus and pine box. I decanted mine for about an hour. This feels like a wine for grownups. I recommend saving this wine until 2020.


Thought of the day:

This is a menu for an upscale Denny’s in NYC. Watch out PF Chang’s! Another bad idea is here to usurp you.