Personal Wine Shopping at TJs

So this weekend I went to Trader Joe’s for a personal shopping trip. We picked up all kinds of gluten-free, wheat-free things, some cheese and kettle corn. Then we turned to the wine aisle. That’s where having a Wine Jerk with you helps. The Wine Jerk shops with you at your favorite store, and helps you pick out wines for YOU. This is a very fun service and the feedback has been all good. Today I am sharing four wines that made the cut from a recent trip to TJ’s.


[L-R] Bogle Phantom, Trader Joe’s Petit Verdot, Kono Sauvignon Blanc, Floriana Gruner Veltliner.

Here are the four wines, all under $20, and all are pretty good.
The Bogle Phantom is a dark, rich blend, perfect for the Fall season. “The poor man’s Prisoner” [$16]
The Kono Sauvignon Blanc is a typical New Zealand-style, fresh and crisp with sweet peas and fresh-clipped grass notes. Perfect for the 100 degree days we have left in this year. [$8]

The Trader Joe’s Brand Petit Verdot comes from Paso Robles. A superb effort! Now, you know the Wine Jerk loves him some Petit Verdot. And this one is very juicy, with smooth lavender notes and lots of character. [$15ish]







And this is the deal of the month! Seriously, I know you want to drink red wine now that the weather is cooler [86 degrees today!] but this is a perfect late afternoon sipper. Gruner is one of the only wines I have found that goes with asparagus, among other fresh green veggies. Or perfect by itself. At only $5 a bottle, I suggest trying this beautiful wine. [$5]