New Orleans, World of Pinot Noir

New Orleans

The history of New Orleans  is a complex story, to say the least. So many ideals and nations have given birth to this unique way of life. I enjoyed every day and night I was there. The food and culture are absolutely immersive. I ate po’ boys and crawfish and catfish and gumbo and everything else I could. Shout out to ACME in Metarie. The best meal of the trip: crawfish with penne pasta in a tasso cream sauce at The Gumbo Shop. Oof. I spent a few days in the French Quarter and a few days in Metarie. I wanted to see both sides of this historic town. Not my first trip, but my first trip as a grown-up. An amazing place to say the least. Enjoy the photos.

French Quarter

The French Quarter is the most famous area of New Orleans. We were in town for the beginning of Mardi Gras, so this was a typical decorated house in the Quarter.20150201_141046Jazz and New Orleans are inseparable. This was a great club. I came back 3 nights in a row.20150131_221449

WWOZ , local radio station, has been in this building since being displaced by Hurricane Katrina.DSC02938

A few short blocks away is Cafe Du Monde, world famous tourist trap that delivers tasty beignets. Mmmm.20150201_104414-1

About 50 feet from Cafe Du Monde is the Mississippi river. Seriously, just out the back door.20150201_105749Street cars are an important part of New Orleans. 20150202_141133City Park, in the middle of town. A must for any visitor.  
IMG_20150207_124723 20150207_141407 20150207_130856And this lion statue was guarding the lake [above]. Just a stone lion, sitting by a lake. Nothing to see here.

Some History…

These cannons are located right off of Jackson Square, in the The Louisiana State Museum.  20150201_141845
20150201_141851 20150201_141859 20150201_142049

Longue Vue is the name of a breathtaking estate in New Orleans. The story of Edgar and Edith Stern is essential to New Orleans history. Please click on the links for more info. I was taken by the story and the estate. 

IMG_20150205_152842So this a compilation of my travels. If it’s in this picture, it is WineJerk approved.DSC02951

World of Pinot Noir

Well, one of my favorite wine events of the year is upon us. The Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara hosts “2 days of purple-toothed Pinophiles, searching for the finesse that is missing from Cabernet Sauvignon.” [overheard last year from a slurring salesperson] Here is a link to the wineries that are pouring this year. I love this chance to contrast and compare the grape that divides the wine industry. This year’s event is March 6 & 7 and I will be there on Saturday. Here I am last year rubbing elbows with Gary Pisoni. He makes some fines wines. Most photos from this event are a little out-of-focus. I have no idea why…



Getty Center Field Trip. Join the Wine Jerk and learn something. April.DSC02244[NOT ENDORSED BY THE GETTY IN ANY WAY]