My Love of Wine

Christopher the Wine Jerk started as an idea when I was a young man.  I was wearing a cowboy hat and lived in Ronald Reagan country. I liked Tonka trucks–dump trucks specifically–and I was a tough little dude.

My love of wine had nothing to do with this but lets have some fun. From my first job as a soda jerk, I was always comfortable behind the bar.

When I lived in Palm Springs I watched Gerry Ford play golf.  Then I began bartending and soon realized I liked wine drinkers more than vodka drinkers. I learned how to play golf. The rest is history.

Now, my slice is improving, Gerry Ford no longer plays and I am drinking fine wines.  It’s a journey that started as a young boy and the path has led me here.  I am ready to share the lessons I have learned about enjoying wine.  Cheers!

Old Bordeaux