Fire Relief Tasting

First, I want to say Thank You. Those who came over and those who generously gave to this worthy cause. I appreciate all the goodwill.
Well, I can honestly say a good time was had by all at our Fire Relief Tasting. What Fire Relief? you may ask yourself. Well, my Uncle Kelly lives in Colorado. His house burned down in June. He lost everything in the Black Forest Fires. He managed to rescue his landlord’s eight horses but in the process lost his home. The only things he had time to save were his dog, his truck and a motorcycle. He is a real-life country song. In an attempt to raise money for him, I put together this tasting with wines from my personal cellar. We enjoyed some wonderful wines and really had fun.

Here is a photo of some wines we drank that day.

What a great venue! More tastings here for sure!
Image 1

Here are a couple photos of the destruction. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.







The yellow truck in this photo was bought my Great-Grandfather brand new in 1972.
Very few things survived, this truck is the only thing on the property to remain intact.