August 2014

Greetings! The Wine Jerk is committed to blogging. At least once a month, that is. This will be a monthly look at Wine, through a slightly distorted lens.

My Philosophy is simple:

1) Drink what you like. 2) Like what you drink. 3) Don’t drink White Zinfandel.


We opened up a bottle of 2012 Caymus Family Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, 40th Anniversary at a tasting. 2012 40th Anniv 750mlLovely stuff. A little young but not bad. I know that Caymus has a corporate stigma that occasionally is justified, but like I always say ‘It’s never the wine’s fault‘. And this wine has few faults, indeed. This is a rich, syrupy Napa Cab. It will age gracefully for 20+ years, I’m sure. A large portion of stores in town have it priced around $55-60.

SIDURI and burgers?

Hamburgers, topped with a fried egg, hash browns, sharp cheddar and bacon. I don’t know why I love breakfast at night so much. Breakfast At Night. Sounds like an awesome band. Tonight! Live from Red Rocks…BREAKFAST AT NIGHT!! with SIDURI.  I like it. Rock ‘n Roll wine tasting. IMG-20140331-00905 Only one Pinot Noir was daring enough to stand up to the BOLD flavors. IMG-20140331-00906 2012 Siduri Sonoma County Pinot Noir. A damn fine Pinot for under $25. Spicy, lingering flavors with enough body to deal with a meal.


Aug 10 – Upstairs with The Wine Jerk, Studio City
Aug 23 – Wine Event, TBA, Studio City
Aug 24 – Wine Event, TBA, Studio City



Horse Thief BBQ

Grand Central Market Downtown Los Angeles 324 S Hill St, Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 625-0341
Holy smokes, you have NOT been here? Well, you are missing out, my friend. And now they have Beer and Wine. So it makes for a nice trip downtown. #DTLA is back, apparently. Anyway, I love these guys. I could list all the things they do right but you should just go [to the website, if your that kind: ]. IMG-20140710-01099

The Grilled Cheese Truck

The Grilled Cheese Truck is always worth the effort. MMMM What wine to pair with that? Well, I suppose it depends on the tomato soup [or lack thereof]. On a hot day, it is always easy to pair lunchtime treats with a nice dry Rosé. Or Vino Verde from Portugal. Or a cold beer. I just love the grab and go possibilities that go along with the Food Truck.* Grilled_Cheese_Truck


One of the most iconic settings in all of music and performance arts. I really enjoy this place. What I enjoy most is that I can bring my own wine and food and enjoy it in a variety of settings. There are 11 or so official picnic areas and numerous other places to get your meal on. And as the photos show, there are no bad seats. Only bad wines. I usually host [unofficial] tastings at one of the picnic areas about 2 hours before showtime. It is always a good chance to sip some fun wines with like-minded individuals. Watch my Twitter feed for more info. IMG-20140727-01107 Above, LA Phil. Below, Hall & OatesIMG-20130616-00392

WINE REGION YOU SHOULD KNOW: Brunello di Montalcino

Brunello di Montalcino is a red Italian wine produced in the vineyards surrounding the town of Montalcino located about 120 km south of Florence in the Tuscany wine region. In Montalcino the name Brunello evolved into the designation of the wine produced with 100% Sangiovese. It is aged for three or more years. About one-third of all Brunello is sold in America, so you know it has a reason to be enjoyed. AND this place is right out of a storybook: Brunello

That is all for now. Let me know if you drink anything worth mentioning.

I hope we can share a glass of wine together soon. I have some public tastings in the works, and I want you to be there!

Remember to sip with an open mind. Sometimes all we need is a different perspective: map-of-world-upside-down   * Also, see the film CHEF. Well-made ode to Food Trucks and the LA food scene