Art Tours, Palm Springs and Wine School

Art Tours, Palm Springs and Wine School

Hwy 62 Art Tours

Hwy 62 Art Tours are amazing. If you live in Southern California, you owe it to yourself to drive out to the Morongo Basin/Joshua Tree Nat’l Park area and see some local art. As the name implies, it is a tour of the area. Spread out among 100+ artists and studios, this is a fun road trip.
IMG-20141026-01372 The art below is from  I know I will always have a soft spot for there art. After all, she is my mother. She uses recycled wood and other materials to create beautiful, one-of -a-kind creations. Her fans are a very loyal [and vocal] group!

IMG-20141026-01373 IMG-20141026-01375 IMG-20141026-01371One of my favorite pieces. IMG-20141026-01381 IMG-20141022-01267 Snake Jagger is another artist on the Hwy 62 Art Tours. I love his work. I have a few prints myself. Here is a couple of his creations.
IMG-20141022-01271 And just in time for Dias De Los Muertos:IMG-20141026-01383

Palm Springs Weekend!

Palm Springs is so much fun in the fall. 100 degree days and 40 degree nights are not uncommon during this change of season.
Here are a couple photos I took during my trip.

IMG-20141021-01245IMG-20141021-01246 The view from the room was nice. I do love Palm Springs.IMG-20141021-01248And another reason…IMG-20140619-01060

Wine School!

Scholarly knowledge has its place in the wine world, to be sure. I am studying to become an ‘Italian Wine Specialist’. What a completely wonderful class! The history, cuisine and wine of Italy is so interconnected I feel like I have already been there. The group putting on the class the North American Sommelier Association or NASA. So it kind of has that cosmic feel to it. Anyway, here are a couple of pictures. Not too many, as I don’t want to give away the material. But just enough so you get a glimpse into the world of wine school. Look for more Hard-Core Italian Wine Tasting events this year!

IMG-20141018-01218 All in a day’s schooling. IMG-20141018-01236Oh, how much do you know abut Colli Albani DOC? Not a lot? This will help:

And let’s finish with wine stuff!

Great Wine Jerk event! Look at all that wine. Whew. It’s a hard job but someone has got to do it. WINE JERK out!