About Christopher

Christopher the Wine Jerk
Christopher Thomas Adams is at your service. Wine service, that is. Christopher makes learning about wine easy. With tastings to fit every budget and palate, he presents wine in a way that is easy to understand and enjoy. One hour with him and you will have a better understanding of wine, grape varietals and basic wine vocabulary. Knowledge by the glass, indeed.

Here’s what I think:

I find that most people are intimidated, not necessarily by wine, but by the wine terms being thrown at them. Brix? Wet Stones? Malolactic Fermentation? Confusing, of course. What I do is take the ‘scary’ out of wine. Knowing about wine takes time and practice. I have been enjoying wine since I was old enough to stand behind a bar. I have a thirst for knowledge and a desire to share that knowledge with you. These tastings are not for imbibing, but rather for learning. A little knowledge can open up the wonderful [and sometimes confusing] world of wine.

My philosophy can be broken down into three simple statements:

1. Drink what you like.

2. Like what you drink.

3. Don’t drink White Zinfandel.

More about me? Ok, well sometimes I go to wine classes:
Image 6

I love San Francisco. Almost too much culture, food and wine.


Here’s me on location in Central Coast, CA.

WJ in the vineyard

And I have a giant Pyrex decanter. It really works! Holds 3 bottles easily.


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